Venetian Tri Fold Vanity Mirrors

Venetian style mirrors are a wonderful way to add vintage detail to your home. The beautifully etched glass and intricate designs are timeless and really add drama to your home. Each mirror from Casually Elegant Home is handmade and of very high quality. The quality of imposter mirrors that are cheaply made simply doesn't compare to the handmade quality of our mirrors. With a Venetian mirror like a Venetian tri fold mirror, you can add elegance to your bedroom or dressing room. The Venetian tri fold mirror can be place on a vanity for a unique vintage look. Or if you have a dress with a plain mirror your can replace it with a Venetian mirror to completely transform a boring piece of furniture. The mirrors really evoke the look and feel of the early 1900's. If you have a historic home or if you are trying to achieve vintage or Victorian look in your home, a Venetian style mirror will be the perfect accessory for any room.

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Lisa at Casually Elegant Home


The trifold mirror is so gorgeous. When you have it in your home you just can't take your eyes off it. In the pictures I took an old 1930's vanity and put a shabby chic paint finish on it. I put green paint on as the base coat and then let that dry overnight. Now for the trick, take some candle wax and rub the candle over the piece in the areas that you want to look worn. For example on the edges, maybe a bit on the top, etc. next apply the white top coat, satin finish works great. Let that dry really well. Take some steel wool or fine sand paper and go lightly over the areas where you applied the wax. The paint will come right off and voila, shabby chic paint finish!! Try iit and let me know how it works!

dori jones


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Lisa at Casually Elegant Home


A colored Venetian glass mirror is rare and absolutely magnificent. You can find mirrors that have color painted on but to find mirrors that are true colored glass is a find. We have several listed and can get several of our best sellers in black, pink, even blue! Think outside the box, go for it, make a statement! Don't make your home look just like your neighbor's home, try a colored glass Venetian mirror!



The blue is very lovely but I can celintary relate to pondering over how something would look in a different color. LOL! Sometimes I think giving something a fresh new look can perk up our spirits and make everything else around us seem fresh & new. If you do decide to paint it white and also distress it, the blue would probably show through in some places and that could look cool. And if you're not crazy about it white's only paint right? You can always change it back to blue. The color doesn't diminish or change the sentimental value of the mirror one bit.Listen to your heart Cindy. I'd say it hasn't lead you astray yet in the decorating department! You always seem to get it right.

Sylvia Alstadter


I purchased a Venetian Tri Fold mirror from Casually Elegant Homes. I LOVE it. The mirror just makes my room. The quality is beautiful. The seller is AA+ and I recommend her. Terrific to work with.

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