Venetian Glass Wall Mirrors for Your Home

Mirrors are a wonderful way to add depth to a room and to give the impression of space. With a Venetian glass mirror, you can achieve this effect in a room with an exquisite mirror that also serves as a piece of artwork. Our Venetian wall mirrors are handmade and the quality of craftsmanship shows. Each mirror is truly unique since it is made by hand and the unique designs and hand etching make them a wonderful accessory for your home. Venetian wall mirrors are perfect for hanging above the couch in your living room or above the fireplace for a dramatic focal point. The beautiful vintage style detail is sure to draw the attention of you guests as they enter the room. Hanging a Venetian glass mirror above the sink is also a wonderful way to at elegance and drama to your bathroom. A piece like this will change the whole look of the room and add great vintage style. With Venetian glass mirrors from Casually Elegant Home, you will have a piece that is truly unique and can be enjoyed for decades.

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I'm going to assume your handy with hand tools.Take a good look at your new cisang; look at how its made and how its going to interlock with your existing mirror. Usually there are detentes or pins on the backside of the cisang and there should also be instructions with the new cisang describing how to remove the old cover and installing the new one.I have had to install a new mirror on my 97 150. Its a bit tedious but can be done by aligning all the small motor drive pins to the back of the mirror. When removing the mirror if that's what is required to install the new cisang be sure to use equal amounts of pressure on each side of the mirror as you pull on it. Be very care full. I placed a towel over mine just in case the mirror broke.If this is more involved than you care to take on then I suggest taking it to a quality auto glass shop. For a small fee they will do it for you, also, do you have any Truck specialty shop where you are>? if you do these guys are good at helping with this sort of thing.Good luck and I hope you enjoy your truck. Mine has been outstanding. I purchased it new in 1997.Jerry

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