Exclusive Small, Big and Extra Large Dog Cages

If you have a dog, more than likely you have a crate to keep the dog safe and out of trouble at night or while you are away. Dogs like the safety and security of their cage and it becomes a comfort for them. However, most dog cages available at the pet store are quite unsightly. With our designer dog cages you do not have to sacrifice style in order to keep your beloved pet safe and out of trouble when you leave. Our designer small dog cages and big dog cages are so beautiful you will want them front and center in your living room or bedroom. Our decorative extra large dog cages and large dog cages are functional yet stylish. You no longer will have to keep your dog cage in the basement or laundry room or find yourself having to move the heavy dog cage whenever you have guests coming over. You consider your pets family, so give them the royal treatment with a designer dog cage that will complement the decor in your home.

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Lisa at Casually Elegant Home



I agree, praise is the key. They just love to make you happy, unconditional love, that's what a puppy gives. I had a great suggestion for your puppy in case he has an accident while in his dog cage. She suggested putting a puppy training pad underneath then if there is an accident you just remove the pad. The way the grate is on the bottom of the cage it would go right through and the puppy would not be soiled, and neither would your floor! Great idea! Please send any ideas and suggestions for your dog cage or dog crate, we love to hear them! Lisa




Praise is the key, I think. Whenever they do something good, pet them, prsaie them loudly and over again a few times, and then reward them with a treat. It's going to take patients and when the dog messes up it's important to be stern but don't be abusive. =P Dogs are smart and it will eventually catch on. If you're planning on getting a puppy, it's going to take extra patients so just keep that in mind, it's a solid commitment. I have two Pitbulls, and training is everything with them so I think I may know what I'm talking about. Haha, best of luck to you and your new dog! References : Experienced dog owner.

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